Muğla Dalyan connecting Köyceğiz Lake to the Mediterranean Sea by a river, is a special holiday destination that combines historical structure with wilderness. One of the best beaches in Europe is here. The town hosting Dalyan Iztuzu beach where Caretta Caretta turtles, in danger of extinction, laying their eggs is one of the rare places in Turkey bringing salty sea water and sweet lake water together.


İztuzu Beach

The first place that comes to mind when we think of Dalyan is of course Iztuzu beach… Often shown among the best beaches in Europe, the beach is 4.5 km long. The most important characteristics of Dalyan Iztuzu beach, which you can reach by boat or comfortable minibuses, are the thin, golden sands and the Caretta Caretta turtles that lay their eggs in these sands. Dalyan Iztuzu beach, one of the rare breeding areas of Caretta Carettas in the world, is a place where no one is allowed between 20.00 in the evening and 08.00 in the morning in order not to disturb the turtles. During the egg-laying period, also pets cannot enter the beach. There is also a turtle hospital on the beach where the injured turtles are treated. In short, these animals, which are facing extinction, are given great care and the same care is expected by tourists.

Dalyan Iztuzu beach, which is one of the rare beaches lying between salty and fresh waters, always maintains its place on the number one place in Dalyan.

Ancient City of Kaunos

Kaunos Antique City, which is an important trade center in ancient times, is located in Dalyan Köyceğiz district. The city, which was called “Kbid” in those ages, was later named Kaunos. You can visit castles, city walls, churches, agora, fountain, theater and temples in this ancient city which is at the top of the list of places to visit in Dalyan. The ancient city of Kaunos can be reached by boat trips from Dalyan or by small crafts on the Dalyan River.


Dalyan Kings’ Tombs

Offering one of the most fascinating landscapes of Dalyan, the history of the Dalyan kings’ tombs dates back to 400 BC. According to the old belief, the higher the tombs were built, the closer it was to God. This is the reason why the kings’ tombs of Dalyan were also carved into the mountain cliffs. There are two ways to see these tombs, whose façades are designed as temples: Joining Dalyan boat trips and having a trip beside these tombs, or climbing a little after passing by boat from the center to Kaunos.

Dalyan Ekincik Bay

Ekincik Bay, which is another area where Caretta Carettas lay eggs, welcomes many tourists from both land and sea thanks to its unique beauties that preserve its naturalness. Another feature of this bay is that it provides easy access to the thermal springs such as Sultaniye, Delibey and Gelgirme by boats. Sultaniye Thermal Spring also used by the people of Kaunos in ancient times, has healing water supporting the treatment of rheumatism, sciatica, skin and gynecological diseases. You can spend a day full of health by taking a mud bath in these healing thermal springs. In the bay, which stands out with its silence, there are also many nice restaurants where you can have dinner.

Sülüngür Lake

Sülüngür Lake, which you can come across while going to the Dalyan Iztuzu beach by road, shows the perfect harmony of all colors in nature. Since a part of the coast is covered with pine forests and the sea bream and sea bass are raised by the fish cooperative in the lake, it is not allowed to accommodate. However, you can cool off by swimming in the salt water of the lake.


Radar Hill

Radar Hill, is not only one of the places with the most beautiful views in Dalyan but also in Turkey. While on the way from Dalyan to Iztuzu, you will see a crossroad. Turn left from this road. The road leads to the hill, which extends between the pine forests. You need to sacrifice your vehicle and take a 2 km dirt road. Only Jeep Safari vehicles can reach the summit.

Before reaching the summit, the place located in a wide opening on the right has the most beautiful view. A magnificent view awaits you. The Dalyan Delta swirling and curling, Köyceğiz Lake standing far away, the town of Dalyan between the limestone hills, the Iztuzu Beach extending like a bow, the deep blue Sülüngür Lake and the Mediterranean Sea are under your feet. A perfect spot to take the most exquisite photos of Dalyan. 

Kargıcak Bay

It is a magnificent bay called “Kara Salih” by local people and officially called “Kargıcak”. Although it is not well known yet, it seems that it will soon become one of the famous bays of the Aegean. You can reach there from the road to Radar Hill. The road bends and is not very good but is definitely worth to go. You pass through the forests and houses scattered around. 

It has a lovely beach with pebble and sand that extends up to 200 meters and has a very good facility. It has a pier that extends to the sea. There is another delightful little bay in the vicinity. The bay is also called Bacardi Bay and tour boats stop by in there. It can be reached by swimming from Kargicak Bay, canoeing or a 10-minute walk from the hill path.

Köyceğiz Sweetgum Forest

It is a forest revealing extraordinary biological diversity and richness of natural forests in Turkey. Sweetgum is an endemic tree that grows only in Muğla in Anatolia. It is also said to be in Rhodes and Cyprus.

The fragrant resin obtained from the trunk of the tree has been used in pharmacy and perfumery for centuries. It has a feature that heals the wounds quickly. There is a sweetgum forest around Kavakarası Village of Köyceğiz. It is only 10 minutes away from Dalyan. Cycling and trecking routes are also marked. You can also go by following paths by car.

Yuvarlak Stream

The distance to the center of Dalyan is only half an hour and to the center of Koycegiz is only 15 minutes away. It can be added to the route along with Köyceğiz Sweetgum Forest.

Yuvarlak Stream, famous for its cool waters, is a summer resort. There are people who come and spend the day in the arbours built up on the stream, make barbecues and swim in cold stream. It is so classic to take a picture while riding on a swing on the stream. Yuvarlakçay Yeşi Vadi and Yuvarlakçay Botanik Garden Restaurant are the most popular places. The place is quite crowded on the weekends, see if possible to go on weekdays or before noon.

Sultaniye Thermal Spring

In the of the Köyceğiz Lake, located in the foothills of Ölemez Mount, Sultaniye Thermal Spring has the highest radioactivity among Turkey's thermal springs. It is 4 kilometers away from Dalyan, can be reached by car or boat. The water at 39 degrees contains calcium chloride, calcium sulfate, calcium sulphide and radon and is said to be good for rheumatism, sciatica as well as skin and gynecological diseases. It has two indoor sulfur and one outdoor pool. 

The mud applied to the body is kept for about 45 minutes and then the dried sludge strains the skin and cleans the pores. After cleaning the mud in the showers, you can go the the other thermal spring pool. Local people say that mud baths make a person ten years younger. It is known that the thermal spring was used by Kaunos people 2000 years ago. Boats departing from Dalyan take their guests to mud baths and hot springs. It is on the way to Ekincik Bay.

Toparlar Waterfall

Everbody likes waterfalls in summer. With its natural scenery and relaxing sound, on hot days in summer, icy waterfalls are the most visited places. You can reach the waterfall in the north of Köyceğiz Lake in about 15 minutes by following the dirt road separated from Muğla road. You can cool off in the lake where you can swim comfortably and breathe in the cool air of the waterfall.